Scenic Flight 6 Minutes


Awesome, stunning, spectacular and fun they are the most common phases we hear.

A scenic flight over the Gold Coast by Seaplane is just simply supurb. It has it all, scenery, fun, excitement, comfort and a feeling of safety and security that you don’t expect.

It’s a truly unique way to experience the beauty of the Gold Coast’s islands, beaches, sparkling waterways, hinterland, incredible high rise buildings and major tourist attractions.

Departing from Seaworld Resort, you will experience some of the most incredible coastal scenery in Australia, combining the world famous beaches of Surfers Paradise, 360 islands of Moreton Bay and the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean. When you add more man made canals than there are in Venice, it all combines to create an amazing sight.

All flights will take you along the South Stradbroke Island beach which is stunning and often you will catch a glimpse of some of the 10,000 humpback whales that swim past the Gold Coast beaches between May and November.

This is a genuinely spectacular and unique way to experience the wondrous beauty of the Gold Coast with a partner or the whole family!

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