About Cloud 9 Seaplanes

Cloud9 Seaplanes is a truly unique business. Specifically designed to create fun, excitement and wonder, our Seaplane flights are a real surprise for our passengers.

We are the only company that tailors each flight to the needs of our passengers. Whether they be nervous or experienced flyers we will have a flight that suits. From the taxi to take off then to the landing we choreograph each sequence to blend in perfectly. It really is an amazing flight.

We are so privileged to be able to show how stunning the Gold Coast is from the air. When you add the thrills of Seaplane flying, the turns, gravity excursions (if you want them) and the awesome feeling of the takeoff and landing, it is just a pleasure that is hard to describe.

Our Mission

It is Cloud 9 Seaplanes mission to surprise and make as many people as happy and appreciative of the coast as possible. We love showing off the Gold Coast and we love our job. We combine the wondrous beauty of marine, land and sky with an energy that radiates passion, professionalism and excitement. We are continually striving to improve our operations, and to consistently be as safe and courteous as possible.

Our Aircraft

Cloud 9 Seaplanes operates a 5-passenger seat Cessna 206 aircraft. The plane has been completely refurbished with the latest equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of all our passengers. Our aircraft is maintained to the highest aviation standards. With a ‘high-wing’, it enables passengers to enjoy the spectacular scenery with very little obstruction from the view.

Get in Touch

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